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  • Doing It Right: The Hogarthian setup explained

    As many of you might know, I have recently bid farewell to my trusty Mares Hybrid MRS+ BCD to start a venture into the more technical side of diving, starting with a combination of some new certifications as well as the appropriate gear. But appropriate gear is such a wide term. What constitutes “appropriate”? A […]

  • How to properly attach a bolt snap to your kit

    From the moment you start making the change to DIR or any form of tec diving for that matter, you will notice an overwhelming support for stainless steel bolt snaps. These replace just about any standard attachment that come with retail gear if they do not already employ stainless bolts snaps, and the appeal is […]

  • Shark Week 2015 – Aliwal Shoal

    On 21 March 2015 we attended the first ever Aqua-Lung Fun Day which was hosted by Manex Marine in Gordon’s Bay. Though the day saw it’s share of sub-par surf conditions, we had an absolute blast diving the reef of “Steenbras Deep” where I tested out my new Knog Qudos Action video light for the very first […]

  • Attack of the Clones : Beard No. 32

    Back in April 2015, when I tasted my first proper vape (not these little twigs you see at Twisp counters), the flavour that happened to be in that Aspire Atlantis V2 sitting on a eLeaf iStick 50W was No.32 from Beard Vape Co. For those who have never tried it, it’s flavor profile is said […]

  • Return of the Clones : Unicorn Milk

    There are a few juices whose names keep popping up all over the internet among the most popular flavors out there. There’s no denial that Cuttwood Unicorn Milk is among the best of these. Although it can be argued as being quite an extensive recipe to take on with a total of seven flavors, there’s no […]

  • The dawn of a new era in RTA’s

    If there’s one thing that has been consistent in the vaping industry, it’s manufacturers building on each other’s successes and learning from each other’s failures to come up with better ways to turn as little as possible juice into as much as possible vapor with as little as possible leaking. Some came up with great […]

  • Review: Vaporesso Gemini RTA

    Imagine this for a second: It’s a warm, sunny summers day. The smell of freshly cut grass and barbeque fills the air. You can hear people laughing and your neighbor is playing Pumped Up Kicks while having beer and playing ping pong in the shade next to the pool. You hear an ice-cream truck approaching […]

  • E-Juice Making Tips

    When you finally decide to get into DIY juice making, there’s a lot of info and concepts to understand to ensure that you have the best and safest possible experience. Here we’ll discuss some of those: Precision When it comes to juice, precision is key. You need to be able to measure components to within […]

  • Taking Advantage of Technology

    I have read many stories over the past year where divers have become separated from their charter boats for whatever reason, and were then left to face the surface conditions for several hours and in some cases, days on end. In these cases divers are left at the mercy of currents and these often take […]

  • Dive Report – Princess Elisabeth

    DIVE REPORT – Sunday, 23 March – 09h00 – Princess Elisabeth (Pisces Divers) – 30min – 30m – 14deg – 12L 21% This morning at 08h30, while the majority of Capetonians were still firmly nestled in their beds with the rain and fog that arrived in the night, myself and Stephen were sitting in the […]