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  • Pressed for Time

    I believe that I’ve finally crossed the midlife threshold if my newfound love for vintage things is anything to go by. As a kid, nay, even as a young adult, the thought of willingly sacrificing my personal time to peruse the local antique shops and vintage markets would have been cause for concern, and nowadays […]

  • The Forging Perch

    I’ve briefly covered my entry into the world of hobby blacksmithing in the Operation Belt Grinder post which included the acquisition of a little two-burner hobby propane forge produced by the great minds over at Devil Forge in Lithuania. Quick shout out to bigstackD over in Perth for paving the way in terms of proving […]

  • Operation Belt Grinder

    A while ago I came across a small 15kg Hardwear anvil on Facebook. It was priced really well and I’ve always had a fascination with anvils so I got it and I was super excited. It was dirty and rusted so I first took great care to clean it to a majestic, like-new state, then […]