Attack of the Clones : Beard No. 32

Back in April 2015, when I tasted my first proper vape (not these little twigs you see at Twisp counters), the flavour that happened to be in that Aspire Atlantis V2 sitting on a eLeaf iStick 50W was No.32 from Beard Vape Co. For those who have never tried it, it’s flavor profile is said to be that of Cinnamon Funnelcake. As for the actual taste description, it’s a super sweet baked cinnamon dessert, with subtle buttery and crusty tones giving way to a strong cinnamon and very sweet aftertaste.

As this has become a family favorite, I have been searching far and wide for a decent clone recipe and although I’m yet to find an exact clone, this one made me very happy:

Banana Nut Bread (TFA) – 1%
Bavarian Cream (FW) – 5%
Brown Sugar (TFA) – 2%
Cinnamon Churro (FW) – 7%
Cinnamon Roll (FW) – 7%
Cotton Candy/EM – 1% (I added this bit since it wasn’t quite sweet enough to my liking on the first go)

Now, there have been some different versions of this recipe suggesting that both the Cinnamon Churro and Cinnnamon Roll get upped by 2%, but I tried it and found the cinnamon overwhelming. This recipe was the one that had the best balance. I personally enjoy some more clouds and mix it at a 70/30 ratio, but if you’re a flavor chaser you might benefit from going 60/40. Either way, it does not disappoint.

Give it a whirl, let me know what you think. If you don’t feel like making it yourself… well… you know where to go 😉

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