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  • The value of Video Lights when shooting with a GoPro

    I have had this discussion with a few people since the start of 2014 already, and thought I might as well turn it into an informative post. So get some coffee quickly and then sit down for the read… Most divers looking to get into shooting underwater video take an instant interest in GoPro. It’s […]

  • Dive Report – Froggy Pond

    Date/Time: 2014/06/22 12h00Site: Froggy Pond a.k.a. Justin’s “Bay to the left of A-Frame”Bottom Time: 45minDive Temp: 15 degreesVisibility: Endless… (Okay 10-12m-ish) Hi, my name is Martin and I’m a divaholic. It has been almost 2 months since my last dive… until yesterday! Yes folks, many a dive happened over the weekend and for those who […]

  • Cleaning the SAS Johanna Van Der Merwe

    On 10 February 1967, the South African Navy placed an order with the French Government for three Daphne-class submarines: The SAS Maria Van Riebeeck (S97), SAS Emily Hobhouse (S98) and SAS Johanna Van Der Merwe (S99). The arrival of the three submarines in Simon’s Town on 19 june 1972 marked South Africa’s first ever submarine […]

  • Dive Report – Long Beach

    Date/Time: 2014/08/10 12h30 | Site: Long Beach | Bottom Time: 1h50m | Temp: 14 C | Viz: 8m Haro! Anyone that bothered to open a curtain yesterday would have noticed that is was the absolute most perfect day ever, so if for some bizarre reason you didn’t dive yesterday, I hope that you’ve got something sweet handy while reading […]

  • Project Aware Finathon 2014

    “Life is life’s greatest gift. Guard the life of another creature as you would your own because it is your own. On life’s scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest…” – Lloyd Biggle Jr. This past weekend marked the end of Shark Week 2014, […]

  • Dive Report – Atlantis Reef and SAS PMB

    After a week on dry land while I was on 24 hour standby for work, I was super excited to hit the water again this past weekend and what better way to do so than on back to back boat dives in Cape Town’s scuba hotspot: False Bay. The weather had played along beautifully with […]

  • 7 Tips for shooting great underwater GoPro footage

    Since the release of the first digital Hero camera in 2006, GoPro cameras have become more and more popular internationally as the go-to camera for capturing any extreme sport from the wearer’s point of view. A decent waterproof depth rating meant that users could also take these cameras along on dives, and although this was not […]

  • Dive Report – Buffelsbaai

    On Saturday 13 September, our dive club set out to make the most of the great weather and free entry at the Cape Point Nature Reserve which forms part of the Table Mountain National Park. Entry is normally charged at R105.00 per person but on this day, it was free to all South African citizens. One of […]

  • Dive Report – Geldkis

    I have never considered myself an endurance athlete. Endurance sport was never my kind of thing, having focussed on things like javelin and discus during my school days which only required a short burst of effort followed by standing in a queue. I would look in amusement at those kids running around the track 7,000 […]

  • International Coastal Cleanup 2014

    To date, mankind has discovered, named and analysed over 780 planets. Out of all of these, planet Earth is the only one known to have an ocean, accounting for 70.8% of the surface of the planet and 97.2% of it’s total known flowing water, with another 2.15% being frozen in the arctic ocean. This ocean […]