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  • Dive Report – Sandy Cove

    Greetings and salutations! For those who missed it, the weatherman was spot-on with this weekend’s forecast and we had an absolute blast hitting the Atlantic yesterday. A big thanks for Mandy and Naomi for ensuring that I didn’t dive by myself, and especially to Naomi for leading the dive. Site: Sandy Cove & surrounds (Kelp […]

  • Dive Report – Windmill and Froggy Pond

    With the wind having died down a little after weeks of gale force winds hammering the west coast of Cape Town, we thought we’d take a chance on False Bay this weekend and see what’s been happening since we last dived it. Unfortunately, the wind started to pick up again on Friday evening and by […]

  • Dive Report – Miller’s Point

    If you happen to be in Cape Town and take the M5 as far South as you possibly can, take a right at the traffic circle and just keep going along the coast, you’ll eventually end up at Miller’s Point: A place known all too well to local divers as the starting point for just […]

  • First Impressions: Knog Qudos action video light

    Howdy folks! As is the case with me, I’m always chasing down some new gadget and piece of gear in the never ending quest to find the best stuff to accompany me while diving. Now it’s no secret that I love photography and videography, and also all those little tight dark spaces inside wrecks and […]

  • Dive Report – Castle Rocks

    The day I finished my first PADI Open Water dive, I immediately started questioning the relevance of snorkels and until my first dive with Dave, this always remained something I wondered about. After that dive, I wondered no more. It’s not often that you see boat divers between yourself and the shore, nor require the aid […]

  • Dive Report – SAS Pietermaritzburg

    One of the many good reasons to dive Cape Town is of course the huge amount of wrecks that line it’s shores. Yes, sad as it may be, in the old days this oddly shaped pile of rocks was not the easiest to navigate and ships often found themselves in a bit of a pickle […]

  • The complete DIY underwater GoPro solution

    There are a few undeniable facts in life that we have to make peace with every day. You have to eat. You have to sleep. And you can’t shoot amazing GoPro video by holding it in your hand like an apple. Such is life. Over time as people have realized and started making peace with these […]