Taking Advantage of Technology

I have read many stories over the past year where divers have become separated from their charter boats for whatever reason, and were then left to face the surface conditions for several hours and in some cases, days on end. In these cases divers are left at the mercy of currents and these often take the divers further out before bringing them back. Depending on the site, the divers are not only at the mercy of that above the surface, but also that below. Typically, you don’t want to bob around the surface too long in the open ocean…

So situations such as these have prompted the development of safety devices to remedy the problem, and recently one in particular has become increasingly popular…

Meet the Nautilus Lifeline! This purpose built radio is good to go down to depths of 425ft/130m and features everything from friendly surface communication features to distress features including transmission of it’s current GPS position and a strobe light to signal nearby vessels.

The Lifeline is certainly a must have for the frequent boat diver, and currently two local companies have them on special introductory offers, being The Dive Site and Killerdeals.

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