Back on Air

I find myself writing these posts more and more often nowadays. I also always explain why it’s a recurring theme, but then go on to dump that platform and end up in the same shoes. Let’s hope this is the last time 🙂

Hi! I’m Martin!

I struggle to pay attention to things that don’t interest me, and can also spend days on end fiddling with things that do. Combined with a rather solid memory, I research a lot, and remember a lot. Over time this has turned my brain into a bit of an encyclopaedia filled with information that most may perceive as random.

“Why do you know that?”

I often get asked that question, and I honestly don’t always have a good answer. I’ll come across something that piques my interest and go down the rabbit hole till I find the end, perhaps even dig a little after that just to be sure that there isn’t anything else I’ve missed. There’s no risk of me knowing anything about politics for instance, whereas I can pretty accurately describe the concepts of aerodynamics, how turbojet engines work or perhaps what chemicals to look out for in medicine to remedy day-today conditions of the human body.

A Maker at Heart

I come from a family of inventors, and innovators, and DIY-superheroes who have instilled a love for making things as part of my upbringing. As a result, you’re more likely to find me refurbishing old things or even making them from scratch rather than buying new things. It saves money and keeps me entertained in the process.

That’s pretty much it. Welcome to my blog, have a look around, stay safe and stay happy!


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