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  • The ACB-90

    Background When I was in primary school circa 2000, there was a little internet cafe close to my school that someone ran from their private residence in a double garage converted to house a good amount of, what was at the time, good gaming PC’s. They had this special where for ZAR60.00 (AU$6), you could […]

  • How to properly attach a bolt snap to your kit

    From the moment you start making the change to DIR or any form of tec diving for that matter, you will notice an overwhelming support for stainless steel bolt snaps. These replace just about any standard attachment that come with retail gear if they do not already employ stainless bolts snaps, and the appeal is […]

  • The complete DIY underwater GoPro solution

    There are a few undeniable facts in life that we have to make peace with every day. You have to eat. You have to sleep. And you can’t shoot amazing GoPro video by holding it in your hand like an apple. Such is life. Over time as people have realized and started making peace with these […]